Come join me on an adventure into the backcounty.. See the Fl Keys as its inhabitants do...


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No stress & no screaming. Patient and amicable..












item2My greatest hope for your day of fishing is that you thoroughly enjoy your time on the water with me and come away with a little knowledge of the Florida Key's environment and it's ecology. (and hopefully a few fish!) I don't require that you have exceptional fishing abilities, only an enjoyment of the outdoors. While I do specialize in fishing for some of the hardest species one can fish for, fact is, I'm quite comfortable taking out a complete novice and showing him the "ropes". (It is in fact how most of my repeat clients started with me) I'll always offer as much or as little information one would like concerning his/her casting ability, without any pressure to perform on your part. My job is to impress you.. not you.... me. My day on the water is not judged by what we've caught, but rather how many opportunities i've been able to present for you. Fishing in the Keys is basically a question of quantity VS quality. We can fish for other species which don't require honed skills to have a productive day. I've built my business (28 years+!) on a hard work ethic and an enthusiastic personality. I've many repeat anglers which over the years have become more friend then client. I always look forward to fishing with them as I do with you.. Hope to see you on the bow soon.... Capt. Barry Hoffman

Capt. Barry Hoffman