Tying your own?

Bonefish - tie a variety of sizes & weights from #2 to #4 hooks, and from bead chain to 1/50 oz eyes. Also good to tie a few unweighted flies, with weedguards to fish for tailing bonefish in the skinniest of waters. Patterns i typically use are sliders, clousers, crab and toad variants in tans/browns and other natural colors..

Permit - clousers, merkins & cherynoble crab patterns work

Tarpon - traditional patterns work well, however tie a few smaller/lighter dressed flies on heavy 2/0 hooks for those ultra slick days. Apte II's, toads, and rabbit flies all work well.. As for colors, yellow, pink and chartreuse are good bets, however tie a few darker bushier patterns should we have to fish in murkier waters.

Redfish/Snook - #2's and 1/0 hooks, toads, dumdrums, and crab patterns. natural colors are good go-to's to start with, however have a few brighter patterns for the tannic water.. fluorescent orange, chartruese, tied with a larger head to "push" the water are great patterns. Weed guards are mandatory in the backcountry. Snook flies, i like to use a larger gap hook on my patterns.

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Don't rock the boat...

Often there are times when i have a novice flyfisherman on board and while false casting, he's shifting the weight of his torso from one leg to the other. This typically results in a "pressure wave" sent out from the skiff, alarming bonefish, snook and redfish to our presence.. Easy to correct.. I'll have my client place his ankles together, instant stealth mode in shallow water!

Soooo, you want to flyfish?
Here are a few flies to get you started

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