ladies... come join us!

Come join me on an adventure into the backcounty.. See the Everglades as its inhabitants do...


No stress & no screaming. Patient and amicable..


Capt. Barry Hoffman










Many times I may believe there is a lack of participation by the female companions of some of my anglers due perhaps to a few misconceptions.. For the women who may cringe at the sight of blood or smell of bait, (Let me tell you about the man that fainted while we removed a fly hook from my ear), never fear.. you won't have to bait a hook or touch any fish, (I am very conservation-minded my wife Susi and a seatroutand have a fish release policy on my skiff)

For those who may be worried about a rest stop during the day.. Relax. You let me know if you might be feeling a bit uncomfortable and at any time we can usually be at a bathroom within 15 or 20 minutes.. I almost always schedule a bathroom break around noon when women are aboard.

Seasickness? I have NEVER, EVER had someone get the least bit whoooooozeeee on my skiff. Though some days it might be a little bumpy getting to the fishing spots, the waters are always calm and smooth where we fish. It's typically less than 3 feet deep also so the big waves one might associate with the ocean are never present.

Ok, so you're not the fisher-person.. bring a book, a small umbrella (for the sun) and come enjoy critiqing your spouse's casting ability.. I'll of course, never say a word. ;)