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Florida Keys Flats Fishing
Capt Barry Hoffman fishing guide
RJ & Jen Turner 1-14-2008
item24item1Hi Barry, Jen and I just wanted to tell you thanks again for the wonderful trip. Even with the cold front, you put us on the fish. The nice snook, and red fish I caught has me saving for my next trip with you (hopefully next year). Jen can't stop talking about the sea trout and ladyfish she caught, maybe she will start fishing with me here in Colorado. Wait I need someone to row me down the river! Thanks again RJ
Chuck Larson 1-2-2008Library1899chuck larson
Barry, The weather in the Pacific Northwest is rainy and cold but the steelhead fishing is great!  I really enjoyed the chance to get to know you and experience flats fishing.  I look forward to future times and more exciting fishing experiences. Attached (I hope) are 8 photographs from the recent fishing trip with pictures of bone/red fish and one very happy client.Regards, Chuck
Joe Nodine 1-1-2008
Hey Barry,Library1903
Thanks for a great time last Friday.  I always heard that bone fishing is unmatched pound for pound but I will tell you what, there is nothing like actually finding out for yourself.  You got a customer for life.  Professional, accommodating, polite, and most importantly an educator.  THANKS. 
I have a few friends that are interested in hiring you for the day only after I very poetically explained to them the hunt me and you did for this bonefish.  Just like Flip Pallot and just like on ESPN!  I loved it.  When can I come back? All the best, Joe Nodine in NJ (Customer for Life)
Tom Germano 11-26-2007
Hi Barry, Nancy and I just wanted to thank you again for the fun day fishing this week.  Even with the less than perfect weather, we had a great time and we appreciate your persistence in helping us catch fish and one seagull! We were in the Keys for several days and that was certainly the highlight of our trip.I will definitely get in touch with you the next time I am down that way. Thanks again.Tom Germano
Larry Lue 11-9-2007
Barry, Thanks again for your persistence in finding me a few bonefish to cast to yesterday morning. The conditions weren't ideal but you found some and I got lucky with my cast and presentation. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get down there for some tarpon. In the meantime, please send me the photo you took. It'll make the winter feel a little warmer. Larry
Scott Miller 10-26-2007
This picture is worth at least a thousand words, thanks for a couple of great days on the water.item22








Andrew Hutchings 10-3-2007

Library1770Barry, I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible time fishing on 10-3-2007!!!!!!!!!  I had an absolute blast fly fishing the everglades.  The fishing was out of this world!!!!!  I was thrilled to catch the many snook.  I was more thrilled to catch the redfish.  I was besides myself when I caught the young tarpon!!!!!!!!!!!  I had an incredible time.  I’ll never forget running along Florida Bay and coming upon two dolphin playing in the shallow water and turning to follow and leap in front of the skiff.  That was incredible.  Attempting to sight fish for redfish was reallyLibrary1771 fun but difficult.  It was harder than it looks.  The school of four permit was neat to see so was the shark and the alligator that followed us!!!  I can’t say enough about your hard work, the Library1769a1casting lesson, and patience!!!  My wife and I just returned home and I decided to check your web site.  I printed off the main screen with your picture of me holding my fish so I could show my wife.  I’m going to get my photos printed today so I can return to work and brag!!!!!!!  Thanks again.  First trip to the keys to fish / fly fish and it was spectacular. Thanks!!!!!!!!! Andrew Hutchings





Norman Smith 9-30-2007

Barry, Good Morning!! This is Norman and Kyle Smith from Indiana. We wanted to take the time to tell you how much fun we had fishing with you August 27th and again on August 30th and thank you for the awesome experience. We have fished in several states and even in Canada but have never had such a great time. It surpassed our expectations. Originally we were to only fish with you on August 27th but after that day we knew we had to go out with you for at least one moreLibrary1740 trip this past vacation if at all possible. Thank you for working with us to make that possible. Before we even left Islamorada we were thinking ahead to this upcoming year on when we could return. We are very interested in selecting some dates that would be open with you. We would like to fish for tarpon and bonefish. Could you please tell us what days you have left in May or if there is another good time to come down to fish at least a couple days with you? (Trying to plan next years vacation) Also wanted to let you know that I have put your $500.00 check in the mail for the fishing trip you took us on August 30th this morning Tuesday September 4th.  I really appreciate you working with us and trusting us enough to make that fishing trip happen. We will definitely be fishing with you again. Thanks for such a memorable time. Norman and Kyle Smith Terre Haute, Indiana



Richard Karrick 6-25-2007

IMGP0234Hey Barry, Just wanted to say thanks for the great time out!!   We had a rough start but things turned around a bit for us.  After showing off some of the pics we took while we were down there the list for IMGP0240next year is starting to grow.  Thanks for the help on landing my first Tarpon I know it was'nt text book but we all have to learn by doing.  Hopefully next year we can put a few more fish in the boat.  Thanks again, Rich





Alan Montgomery 6-20-2007

Barry Thank you for an very humbling fishing trip.  I just thought I knew how to cast and fish.  The morning was beautiful and you put us on the fish. Thank you for a great morning. Alan

 Mary Scheller 6-19-2007

Hey Barry Thank you for giving Kenny a great fishing experience.  He was full of stories and the excitement of catching tarpon was over the top for him.  Between the two of us, we were able to fullfill a boyhood dream.  He had all of us in his clutches reliving every detail.  Please send me the pictures when you can. I will print them and frame a few for him to hang on his wall. I am sure my husband, Jim, and him will want to plan a return trip since Jim had to miss out on this one.  I am so happy that he was able to have the full experience of catching and bringing in a fish on each of the days out with you.  The smile on his face was worth every penny. Thanks again Mary 

Zenzo Taguchi (Tokyo, Japan) 6-6-2007

IMG0060Hi, Barry, I am Zen. I safely arrived at home in Japan a little while ago. It was possible to fish very happily thanks to Barry. (a 65 pound tarpon on fly) Thank you. I wish to express my gratitude to Barry. Thank you for sending the photograph. The fighting scene can be taken well. Barry's site was seen. My best regards at that time because of being go next year or. Next time, I look forward to fishing with you again. Zen. Taguchi (




Scott Sheftall 6-5-2007

Barry, Thanks so much for the photos of my bonefish. I’ll cherish them always. It was just great fishing with you and Raz. Heh, don’t forget about my invitation to treat you to a round of golf at Miami Beach Golf Club. Tight Lines! Scott


Tom Cook 5-24-2007

Hi Barry, Thanks for the pictures you sent of me fighting the tarpon on my recent trip with you. I noticed you finallyLibrary1772 updated your web site!! I know you're quite busy now but thought I'd send you the picture my girl friend took of the bonefish I caught that you tagged. Thanks again for all you taught me, looking forward to fishing again with you soon.Tom Cook


George Pinson 5-18-2007

First my trip was with Capt. Barry Hoffman On Friday 4-27. I e-mailed him almost a year ago asking for someone that would show me some of the ropes of fishing this area. We left Tavernier at about 8:00am and went to Flamingo, about 25 miles. Once there, we tried on small run out channel with no luck. We then went to a second channel and very soon were into the trout. I caught a couple (all over 15 inches). A little further and I caught a couple of 18 inch reds. We turned around and going back out I got a 24 inch snook (a Florida Bay Slam  ). All fish were released, Capt. Hoffman is catch and release only, he does not even have a place to put the fish on ice.We then went to a location to get a few lady fish to be used as bait. After that we went to an outflow channel and baited up with cut lady fish. With in 5 minutes I was hooked up to something big and it ran off 200 yards of line before pulling the hook. About 5 minutes later we got a hit from a Tarpon that he said was about 80 lbs. I thought it was about 100 lbs, but it was probably 75-80 lbs  , oh well one jump and it spit the hook. 15 minutes later a bull shark took the bait and after about a 20 minute fight Capt. Hoffman grabbed the leader and the hook pulled we both smiled. He, because he didn't have to get any closer to those teeth and me because the fight was over.We then ran back to Tavernier where he gave me some pointers and showed me a few things about trying for Bone Fish and Tarpon on the ocean side flats. One of the more enjoyable days of fishing I have had for quite a few years. I now know why you have to book Capt. Hoffman way in advance. He is that good. 

Rich Cervone 5-15-2007

Barry, Thanks again for a great time're a great guide and a pleasure to fish with! We'll keep working on our casting and be back down to fish with you soon. Rich

Brandon Ray 5-13-2007

P1000592Capt. Barry, Just wanted to send you the pic of the bonefish. Thanks for an awesome experience, I will be in touch sometime soon when I can figure out a date, sometime in july or august probably for my dad and I to come down. Thanks again, Stephanie and I both had a blast. Brandon




Carmen Perez-Padron 4-30-2007

ABarry, It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday, although I didn’t go fishing with you and Nelson you seem like a great guy! Nelson had nothing but great things to say about you.  I just wanted to thank you for finally giving him the chance to catch some bones!  He was so happy.  We will more than likely be booking future trips with you from now on. Once he arrives from his business trip he will be writing a testimonial for your website.  I have attached one of the pictures of him and the bonefish.  Again, thank you very much! Carmen Perez-Padron


Mike Walter 4-22-2006

Bonefish1Barry-Thanks for a great day fishing . . . here are some pictures from our trip. Mike





Steve Hyde 4-16-2007

Hi Barry, Jeff and I made it home in one piece after a great trip to your Florida Keys.  We had a great time fishing with you and wanted to thank you again for working hard for us in marginal conditions.  Catching those sharks was awesome, we can't stop talking about that.  Jeff wasn't as excited about the bonefish as I was, but it fulfilled a long time dream of mine.  I can't wait to chase them on a day when conditions are better.I have been looking at your site and already dreaming about a trip next year.  (too much time at Robbie's feeding those big tarpon...)  I don't see a link to next year's schedule, so if you can give me a hint on what you may have available in late May or early June, I would appreciate it.  I want to book 4 days, with 2 for bait, and 2 for fly.  If my wife comes along, I will leave Jeff ashore on the fly days since he would only be watching.Thanks again for a great time, Regards, Steve & Jeff Hyde


Tom Stoneburner 4-7-2007

MikesBonefish2007Barry, Attached are two photos from our trip last Sunday.  Thanks again for a fun trip. What a great bonefish you got us into. We'll definately see you again! Tom




Ted Foltyn 3-20-2007

IMG1008Barry, i just wanted to catch up with you. I wanted you to know that I greatly appreciated efforts and patience in working helping my wife and son Michael. They had great time and that is what is most important to me. Anyway, I do intend to book you again next year. Most likely a 1/2 day trip with my wife and kid. Only next i will also do a full day most likely with just me, and a friend on mine, who is another "offshore guy."Anyway, I truly did appreciate it, thanks again, Ted Foltyn


Mike Conners 3-7-2007

Barry, Thanks so much for your letter - sorry I didn't get back sooner but I underwent an ankle surgery and have been laid up for awhile. I sure enjoyed spending that rewarding time on the water with you. Thanks for all your instructions and insight into the world of flats fishing - it's a real pleasure fishing with a guide willing to share his knowledge. I'm very anxious for another shot at those elusive "bones' Hope to fish together soon, Mike Connors


Jay Gould 2-2-2007

Dear Capt. Thanks for great afternoon on the water. You are good at your craft. Thanks for Pics. I forwarded them to a whole bunch of people backhome. Jay and Mark

Larry Kirshner 1-17-2007

Hi Barry We made it back to chilly NY (27 degrees) and Will hasn't stopped talking about the shovel nose shark and all of the other fish. Jake had a great time too. It was nice to meet you and fish a beautiful part of the world. We look forward to our next visit. All the best Larry


Steve and Joanne Lewandowski 1-13-2007

Barry, Joanne and I had a great time fishing Dec. 29th. Your patiences and fishing tips were very much appreciated. Planning on returning to the Keys in Dec 07 and hope to see you again. Thanks for making our first trip to the Keys fishing one we will always remember.

Thanks again,Steve and Joanne Lewandowski

JoeCimbak, Moog Inc 1-27-2007 I am in a wifi hotspot in Luxembourg...back to work this week.  Our trip to the Keys was fabulous. On the drive back to the down of course...I inquired of Sharon and Sharla what their most memorable moments were...we all unanimously agreed that our trip fishing with you was the top winner.  It was such a pleasant day for full of new things for us.  You really gave us the "tour" of what Florida fishing has to offer...and how to do it... My most sincere thanks.  Next trip I need to bring my 23 year old US Coast Guardsman Justin...just he and I...and we'd like to go after some of those big sharks you talked about that eat the Ladyfish up in the Florida Bay!  When is the BEST time of year for that Barry? Cheers to you are a gentleman, a scholar of fishing and a great ecologist for the right reasons.  

Martin Davies, Nottingha, England

minneapollisandmiami2006140Just a note of Thanks! Always enjoy my time with yuo. Can't wait to fish with you again this summer - quite a few people coming this summer so we may be looking for 2 trips! Best wishes Martin D   !




Buck Leahy, Orlando FL

item4As a birthday present to my brother, I booked the day before the Owner's Tournament with Captain Barry Hoffman out of Tavernier. Naturally, we fished out of his Maverick Mirage skiff.  My brother had caught one bonefish in the Turks & Caicos earlier this year, and I'd never seen one other than in pictures, so we decided that's what we'd chase. Frank and I were both fishing modest capacity spinners (translation - bring a bigger reel next time). In my case it was a Stradic 2500 with a little 10 lb. mono backing, then filled up with 10 lb. PowerPro. Barry was everything I had hoped he'd be from talking with other guys, from perusing his web site, and talking with him first. A good teacher, intense but friendly, and gifted with a great set of eyes - we were in great hands. After a couple of hours working the flat light of early morning, I hooked up first, with a bonefish that went seven pounds on the scale. item5My brother and I both had shots at a small school moving quickly from right to left (it didn't take long to learn that's the only way bonefish move - quickly). I got lucky with a three pounder. Shortly after that, he boated his first, a six pounder that almost spooled him, twice. Only Barry's poling kept him in that game. Barry tagged all of our catches (five bonefish total), took just a minute for pictures, then ensured that every fish was adequately revived before release. Frank went on to land another nice sized bone before I hooked up with this monster. He scaled out at ten pounds, item6nearly spooled me, ran me first through one set of stakes on the flat, then back through after we chased him. Thanks to Barry's skill with the boat, and the abrasion resistance of PowerPro, I finally got the fish to the boat. After the ritual of landing, weighing, photographing, and reviving, I let him swim out of my hands. I'm not sure who was happier, the fish or me.  It was a memorable day on the water, largely due to the skill, patience and professional attitude of Barry Hoffman. For those of you looking for a guide in the Islamorada area, I can recommend him most highly. I know this much - I'll be fishing with him again.  Barry earned every bit of his fee and the tip we gave him - I am only too happy to let others know of our great experience with him, having heard more than one horror story of other guides and not-so-fun days on the water. For a couple of guys of pretty average ability, he was perfect. Good products and good services are worth letting people know about, don't you agree?  I can't tell you what a great day on the water we had as the result. Buck Leahy   9-23-2006

Kevin Hussey, Wheaton, IL

item7Many thanks for the great time that i had.  Catching my first tarpon and bonefish was truly an amazing experience.  I  couldn't have item8hooked up with my first tarpon with a better guide either.  The bone fishing was great as well.  Thanks for a great time and I hope to see you in the upcoming summer. 
Thanks,  Kevin Hussey  7-6-2006




Francois and Naomi Perier 7-1-2006

Hi Barry, We finally got home from Islamorada and the weather here in Belgium really sucks.  The rivers are high and muddied, so no trout fishing for now.  I want to thank you for a truly wonderful fishing day on the everglades waters with my daughter Naomi.  Thanks also for your patience at our poor fishing skills and your good advice.  I can't believe you managed to make me hook up that redfish in spite of my awful casting technique.  I am firmly planning on coming back soon after extensive practice and of course I'll contact you then.  Naomi really liked you too and enjoyed the trip; she told my wife you were a "real cool guy" and that you were "a lot nicer than Capt'n XXX!"  If you don't mind, could you send me that pic with the redfish we caught?

Tom Cook 6-26-2006

bonefishflyHi Barry, Thanks for the pictures you sent of me fighting the tarpon on my recent trip with you. I noticed you finally updated your web site!! I know you're quite busy now but thought I'd send you the picture my girl friend took of the bonefish I caught that you tagged.Thanks again for all you taught me, looking forward to fishing again with you soon.Tom Cook




Mark Moeller, Raleigh, NC

Hi Barry, Got home last evening and wanted to take a moment this morning to thank you once again for a great day of fishing on a day that item9was tough for sight fishing.  You put us on the fish and we had plenty of chances but due to my somewhat poor day of casting and the wind ( yes, I'll use that as an excuse too), our day could have been even better.  Your knowledge of the species, their feeding habits and movement patterns was tremendous.  And, I really appreciated your passion for the area's natural resources.  Thanks again.  By the way, that tarpon is already up to 90 pounds! Just kidding.  I would love to bring my son back for a couple of days.  I'll be watching your calendar.  Feel free to use this email as a reference on your website.  Sincerely, Mark Moeller 6-30-2004


Mike and Taressa George 4-4-2006

Capt. Barry, I just wanted to thanks you for an awesome trip. My wife and I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the wildlife. I will be working on my casting in the next few months and book with you again soon. You should be receiving an email that is a token of our appreciation and can be used at the Islamorada World Wide Sportsman or online. Thanks Again, Mike and Taressa George


Motohiro Ebisudani, Japan 
Dear Barry, Thank you for your guiding to us during our staying Islamorada.  I fished with some other guides then I realized your are the best! I like to bring some anglers next season, please keep in touch. Please send me the photos you took the big Tarpon. 
Regards, Ebi  5-28-2004


Greg Lawless, Seattle,WA

item10Hi Barry, I wanted to thank you for two great days of fishing.  Conditions were not perfect, with item11high winds and murky water, not to mention my relative lack of experience.  But you came through for me, which I appreciate.  "Sea Trout and Jack Creville" day was outstanding.  I don't even have an idea how many fish I caught, other than A LOT.  Then, on "Bonefish day", when I really didn't expect to catch a thing, I ended up catching two really nice bonefish.  Talk about a thrill!  Next time we make it to the Florida Keys, I can guarantee you're the guide I'm going to call. Greg  3-5-2004


Dave Brunner  Raleigh, NC

item12Capt. Barry, my email was down for awhile---hence the tardy communication of thanks and gratitude for your graciousness, professionalism, and guidance during our recent trip. Deb and I had planned this adventure for quite some time and the actual experience exceeded the great expectations that we had. Thanks for a great time and some great memories. We'll be back!!  Dave Brunner  2-23-2004



Scott and Beth Dickherber

item13Thank you Barry for a great trip, we enjoyed the day of snook and redfishing a lot. First time out sight fishing, thank you for your patience and guidance in finding fish. Felt more confidence with every cast and could even see the fish after enough time. Hope to come back and try those ghost bone fish again. Thank you again barry,  ps the photos were great. I will send you some more when I get a chance, ps weather here in kc today: cold 12 degrees and snow.  So,keep your ear muffs and gloves on for the morning runs………   Scott and Beth 1-29-2004



Mark Mahler 
Capt. Barry, Thanks for all that you taught me on 12/23.  It was a tough day because everything was so different, however once I dialed in to what you were teaching we had great results and I am thankful for the experience.  I am likely to be back down later this Spring, so will contact you for another trip. 
Best regards and happy new year! Mark 12-25-2003

Chuck Zechman

item14Barry: Roz & I want to thank you again for a memorable morning of fishing last Saturday.  Although we didn't catch many of the bonefish we saw, we had a terrific time just being out on the water & catching the two that we did.  We have both vowed to practice our casting techniques for a future outing with you. Thanks so very much. Definitely a great time.  Regards, Chuck Zechman 11-28-2003



David A. McClaughry, Troy, MI

item15Capt. Barry,  Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for another great day of fishing item16notwithstanding the adverse wind and cloud conditions.  That we can boast about catching a bonefish and a permit on such a day is a tribute to your guiding skills.  For sure I'll be back -- perhaps for tarpon to complete the slam.Please forward the pictures to me at this e-mail address.  Thanks again.  Dave 10-28-2003


Bill Zwicky 
Hi Barry, I just wanted to thank you for the charter last week.  I had a great time.  The fishing in the Keys is so good that it’s hard to come back home. I will definitely contact you the next time I come down. 10-27-2003

Joe Hazelquist, Canton GA

item17Hi Barry, You’re one hell of a guide!! Karl and I really enjoyed fishing with you and look forward to chartering with you somewhere down the road. You definitely made us feel comfortable and at home on your boat. We felt like we were fishing with a new friend rather than some stranger that could care less whether we were there or not. You’re sincerity and honest attitude are very refreshing and most appreciated. Bonefishing turned out to be what I thought it would be…hard work and currently beyond our skill level, but we’ll get there. Maybe a new pair of eyes for me and better casting skills for both Karl and I will help us catch some fish the next time out. Though it was disappointing to me to discover and realize that I was that under-skilled, I know I want to keep trying until I am able to catch those little rats. I woke up this morning wishing I could go out again today. Maybe next time we will be more prepared.  hopefully next time I will be much less congested! Take care and we’ll talk to you again sometime soon! Karl did get his first bonefish. Thanks! 
Joe Hazelquist 10-5-2003

Barry, Just wanted to drop a quick note with my e-mail address, and to thank you for a great time fishing today. I truly appreciated your professionalism and thoroughness. I also enjoyed you comment to Travis of "bonefish eat from the mouth, not from the tail." I had a great time today and look forward to coming down again. Thanks again, 
JR Bot 9-16-2003

Bob Christian

item18Hello barry, just a quick note to say thanks for your services, jerry and i enjoyed fishing with you and certainly appreciated your effort and patience, i will not hesitate to recommend you as a guide.  thanks again 
Bob Christian 8-23-2003



Martin Davies, Nottingham, England

item19We just got back to miami , and jono had a superb time! he really was wowed by the experience!  and i had a great time too.  I'm already looking forward to next year, and I may frighten a few more!  thanks again for a brilliant day despite the weather! 8-14-2003




Kevin Jones, Tuscaloosa, AL

item20Dear Barry, I just wanted to send these pictures to you and let you know that I item21appreciate you being able to take me fishing. I took the pictures to work and the guys couldn't believe those fish. I hope I'll be able to get down there soon. Thanks again! Your friend, 
Kevin Jones 6-29-2003


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