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My skiff rates (1-2 anglers) are: $550 4 hrs, $600 6 hrs, $700 8 hrs. If you've three or more, or need a more stable platform to fish from.. we'll take my bay boat. Bay boat rates (1-2 anglers) are $650 4 hrs & $700 6 hrs (add $50 for each additional angler) (children under 12 free) max of 4 anglers & I will need 24 hr notice to have this vessel available) If we are fishing in the backcountry, you will need a Federal Park Pass.
If I am already booked, you might utilize my
guide referral program..
Park Pass information.. Only one is necessary if fishing in Florida Bay / Everglades Children under 15 are free
I require a $100 deposit for each day booked.
If you choose to pay by personal check, email me and I'll return my address to send your check to.
Credit card payment.. I utilize PayPal as my cc merchant.. please note, once you click on the appropriate deposit link below, and the PayPal page opens, if you don't have a PayPal account (not needed),
click on the gray bar box that says "pay with Debit or Credit Card"
Please note: credit card deposit payments are subject to a 4% merchant fee. Cash, personal checks and travelers checks are accepted w/o additional fees.



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Some frequently asked questions. More here

IF you are planning to pay your balance at the end of your trip with a credit card, YOU MUST NOTIFY me the night before. The credit card merchant will charge an additional 4% on top of my fee. You must let me know the night before so i can bring my credit card terminal. Personal checks (drawn on a US bank), cash or travelers checks are gladly accepted for your balance w/o additional charges.

  • Q We have three people and want to sight fish the shallow water flats. Can you help us?
  • A I am unable to perform my job properly in these very small technical skiffs with the addition of a third angler. We can however fish the deeper channels and edges in my bay boat. The "flats" boats are small and typically can only access the shallow water with one or two anglers. With three or more, it is best to stick to the slightly "deeper" waters of 2-3 feet and allow us to catch more fish. I do have a larger boat that we can take up to 4 anglers. I will need at least a 24 hr notice to have this boat available to me.
  • Q thought I'd call you when I arrive in the Keys to book a trip. Should I do this?
  • A I don't recommend it, especially if you'd like to charter with me. The better guides are booked months in advance especially during peak season and if you call me last minute, most of the guides that I would recommend, if I am booked, are probably booked as well.  You'll see I get booked up in some cases, months in advance.
  • Q What is your cancellation policy, Do I get my deposit back?
  • A This is my only occupation, and I am not extraordinarily wealthy, although I hope to be some day.   ;)  A deposit ensures I will be gainfully employed that day. Policy is: All deposits received are held if scheduled trip is canceled without a 30 day verbal telephone notice. No exceptions.  Deposits for charters that are canceled in excess of 30 days will be credited toward a trip within one year from original departure date if original departure date can be rebooked. Cancellations within 14 days are forfeited at my discretion.
  • Q What if the weather is bad? What is your refund policy then?
  • A Sometimes we may get a little rain or encounter some cloud cover during your charter. However, if the weather is dangerous, (lightening or winds in excess of 25) I will gladly refund your deposit to you. I don't care to be out in that stuff myself and am looking forward to a lengthy stay here on earth. I've actually got a nexrad radar unit on the skiff. We can track any nearby storms should there be inclement weather and make an educated decision on a path to better weather. You can expect a breeze here of 10 to 15 mph. Most of the locations I fish are protected and sheltered from the rough seas even if it blows 20 or more.  If I've a day available later in the week (and better weather seems possible), and you are able to, I will try and accommodate you as best I can.
  • Q Gratuities? (i've tried to hide it at the bottom)
  • A This is an issue I hate to discuss when my clients ask me at the end of a charter, "What's a normal tip?"I offer this as a suggestion when fishing with me or any other guide.  When clients ask me how much is it proper to tip your guide, I usually cringe and give them this piece of advice. First and foremost, It is most important that you feel your guide has worked hard to put you in front of fish (even though it has been totally overcast or very windy). Has he done his job of explaining the process of casting, seeing and hooking fish?  Has it been an enjoyable experience out on the water? Most guides, including myself, tend to judge the quality of the experience and effort provided for the day by one's gratuity.   I've received tips of $100 per day and those that have just walked off the boat. At the end of a day I tend not to look at checks written or a wad of cash handed to me to count, so as not to seem they are mandatory. I also understand the charter can be a year long savings experience for some. I can assure you, they are GREATLY appreciated. Here in the Florida Keys, where we've the highest cost of living in the state of Florida, (as well as outrageous fuel prices nowadays) they certainly help out. IF you feel you'd fish with me or another guide again, here goes..  As a rough guideline 15%, full day $105, six hrs $90, half day $55.

Thanks! I look forward to fishing with you.-- Barry